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I heart Munich. Everyone always asks what is our favourite place from our travels, and I just can’t answer them. We have been to so many uniquely awesome places that you simply cannot compare them to each other. But then I went to Munich, and it wins. Not because it is the biggest or fanciest or anythingiest. Just because I love being in it. It has this warm cosy feel to it, everywhere there are majestic old buildings, forested gardens and little squares. Being there for christmas, we got to see the city at its magical best. Nowhere does christmas like Germany. We stepped out of the airport and straight into the midst of a christmas market, and within an hour of being in the city had proceeded to consume hot steaming mugs of gluhwein, bratwursts (yes, plural) and had a giant gingerbread stashed away for later.

Christmas eve was spent exploring the markets, warming my hands and insides with more hot wine, and waiting for it to snow. The markets here  are like something out of a christmas carol, everything is decorated with fir tree branches and lights and holds inside even more christmassy goodness.

There is still so much left to see and do in Munich that I will definitely be finding my way back to this magical city many times to enjoy the gardens, sauerkraut and learn more of its historical past. And for the fun of simply wandering the city pretending to be a Münchner Kindl.

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  1. B&S says:

    Would loving Munich have anything to do with that new ring on your finger? 😉 Congratulations!!

    • Anna says:

      Yea, it may have made me slightly bias, either that or the copious serving of mulled wine. But it also gives us a great excuse to go back!

  2. amandakatarina says:

    It is my dream to visit Germany at Christmas!

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